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Painting by numbers is a product with multiple uses, creative leisure alone or in a group, a team booster for corporate events, an activity at weddings, or as an advertising medium to accompany a product launch…

Painting by numbers for adults

Painting by numbers is a form of entertainment as well as a creative hobby. It is also called paint by numbers or when aimed at children, magic colouring, or colouring by number game.

DIY Paint by Numbers

DIY, you know? It is the abbreviation of Do It Yourself, "do it yourself"!

DIY has been a huge success for several years and extends to all areas. There is utilitarian DIY, such as knitting or sewing to create clothes or make alterations, and creative DIY, which consists of taking time for yourself and using it to create something with your own hands. You can take the opportunity to try your hand at various artistic disciplines such as; tapestries, scrapbooking, or paint by numbers.

London and Art: it's quite a story!

London has always held a fascination for people from all walks of life because of its heritage, its diversity and its pop culture. From the banks of the Thames to the iconic silhouette of Big Ben, passing through the cit-yscapes of London, the location has been a source of inspiration for a multitude of artists, who have tried to reveal with each touch of brush or knife, the magic that operates in these places. Artists such as Monet, Can-aletto and many others have taken London as the backdrop for their works. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, follow in the foot-steps of these renowned painters by drawing inspiration from the striking city.

Paint by Numbers as Art Therapy

It’s not always easy to give your thoughts and emotions free rein or simply to control your body. The concept of art therapy came about in the 50s (Source: Wikipediaand was often, unjustifiably, considered a full treatment against certain diseases. It must be understood that art doesn’t cure, but it can still be an important factor in healing or acquiring self-confidence.