Paint by Numbers monthly boxes

Discover the very first Paint by Numbers box on the market, designed and produced in our workshops. Receive each month, for the duration of your subscription, your DIY Paint by Numbers box containing the necessary equipment to create two paint by numbers with new and modern designs.
Subscription with monthly direct debits and commitment of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Once the subscription has expired, its renewal is not automated and must be the subject of a new subscription for the duration of your choice.

Subscription Boxes

Discover the new DIY Paint by Numbers Box

What is a monthly box?

The monthly box, or gift box, is a new phenomenon that arrived in France about ten years ago from the United States. These are surprise boxes containing a range of products or accessories sent each month by parcel to subscribers.

Why subscribe to a monthly Paint by Numbers box subscription?

Subscribing to a monthly Paint by Numbers box will allow you to establish a creative and well-being routine in your daily life that you will no longer be able to do without.

A creative routine

Thanks to our original DIY Paint by Numbers box, establish a real creative routine in your daily life by painting on a regular basis, our Paint by Numbers kits received each month. A real parenthesis of creativity where you will render modern and unique designs step by step by following the numbers indicated in the boxes printed on the canvas.
The frequency of receiving your boxes will encourage you to set up regularity in the time you allow yourself to create your paintings and to take time for yourself.

A well-being routine

The regular practice of Painting by Numbers is full of benefits and will immerse you in a moment of well-being. The practice of Painting by Numbers, like all creative activities, allows you to channel thoughts into a single goal: the completion of your project. This activity requires patience and concentration throughout its realization, enough to focus on the present and reconnect with yourself! This situation of concentration also plunges you into a semi-meditative state where your breath is regulated, and your muscles relax. The stress stored during your week fades, and you find yourself in a state of deep well-being. The wellness dimension of regular Paint by Numbers practice doesn't stop there! Indeed, Painting by Numbers, and more broadly creative hobbies, is an excellent way to train coordination and motor skills of the limbs in children as well as in the elderly, but also to fight against brain degeneration.

Is the DIY Paint by Numbers box worth it?

Our monthly DIY box is a safe bet for all painting enthusiasts, whatever their skill level.

New designs

Discover new designs every month available exclusively in your monthly box. The visuals offered each month are carefully chosen by our teams, based around a monthly theme and selected for their modernity and ease of production. The themes are varied in order to satisfy the diversity of tastes of our subscribers.

Quality products

Our boxes, like all our products, are produced in our workshops in Oxford with Made in Britain certification. This European manufacture guarantees us delivery anywhere in Europe within 3 to 4 working days. . _ _ All our products are based on works of art by international artists with whom we have exclusive agreements, which makes our products unique on the market!

Low prices

The DIY Paint by Numbers box puts art within everyone's reach by offering the opportunity to paint two artists' canvases each month at an affordable price!

Our different subscription formulas offer a wide choice of possibilities in order to best meet everyone's needs:

  • 3-Month Subscription formula – £19.90/month
  • 6-Month Subscription formula – £18.90/month
  • 12-Month Subscription formula – £17.90/month

Who is the DIY Paint by Numbers box for?

Paint by Numbers enthusiasts

Our creative box is aimed at all Paint by Numbers enthusiasts and offers them the opportunity to receive two Paint by Numbers kits at a low price every month to satisfy their creative passion.
Subscribing to our box also gives them the opportunity to try their hand at making paintings with various themes but also the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the art world and discover the work of contemporary artists.

For beginners in painting

This DIY box is ideal for people new to Painting by Numbers, due to all the designs having been carefully chosen to be made quickly and easily between the reception of two boxes. Thus, it is an excellent first exercise to start in painting and to achieve splendid artworks that will give you confidence in your abilities.

For people looking for an original gift idea

Looking for a useful, fun and original gift? Our Paint by Numbers box will certainly make an impact! Whatever your budget or the occasion, offer an original gift that will please all your creative loved ones, who will be delighted to discover it each month for the duration of the chosen subscription.