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Custom paint by numbers

Bring your own images to life as personalised paintings

Turn your memories into a true work of art with painting by numbers. From an image of your choice, our team will tailor-make a unique painting by numbers kit. Paint it yourself, or give it to someone you love.

A complete personalised kit for you

Your personalised kit is entirely tailor-made based on an image of your choice. Choose from several framing options and brushes.

Our team designs all our paint by numbers kits in our workshops, with superior quality materials and our experts' know-how.

All orders are shipped quickly – take advantage of fast delivery anywhere in the UK and Europe!

Your Personalised Painting by Numbers kit

New designs


Free your creative spirit and relieve stress through paint by numbers

Painting is no longer reserved for an elite few who can paint beautiful landscapes and portraits like a pro. With our DIY paint by numbers kits, gain experience and confidence by following the numbered patterns traced on the canvas. These indicate the colors to be applied in each square. Don't ever worry about making a mistake again — just follow the guide! However, the paint by numbers kit is only a framework to guide your first steps in painting. If you wish, you can be as creative as you like and paint the canvas you have in front of you according to your taste. The point is that you enjoy painting and let your inner artist shine through!

A fun activity accessible to all

There are no age restrictions on painting by numbers – if you can hold a brush and have a good eye, you can paint! Children, adults and elderly people can all learn and enjoy painting by numbers.

  • Develop and maintain motor and cognitive skills
  • Learn patience and rigor
  • Increase personal wellbeing
  • Reduce stress
  • All while learning a new creative discipline

It's no surprise painting by numbers is the No. 1 creative hobby for all age groups!

An inexhaustible source of paint by number themes to satisfy all your desires

Whether you're young or old, you'll find what you're looking for in our many themes and designs. From still lifes to masterpieces, from landscapes to wild animals, everything is possible! Each of our models is available in several sizes and can also be delivered with or without a frame. Experience the joy of combining business with pleasure with paint by numbers, which is a great stress reliever and a great way to get away from your daily worries. The time you spend on a paint by numbers canvas is the perfect opportunity to clear your mind and refocus on yourself!

Turn your photos into customised paint by numbers paintings

Why not turn your favorite memories into works of art? Become a master artist by creating and painting your own designs, as we also offer custom paint by numbers paintings created from your photographs. Once painted, these canvases will perfectly embellish your home or make excellent gifts for your loved ones who will surely recognize your talent!

Paint by numbers, a fun and original gift

Treat your loved ones to a fun, original and meaningful gift with a paint by numbers painting. No more fear of making a mistake when choosing a model thanks to our virtual gift cards! Giving has never been so easy!

Painting by numbers, a creative activity to share

If you are proud of your work, don't hesitate to share your paint by numbers painting with us on our social media platforms. Indeed, practising art is good for your personal development, but it is also a matter of sharing. At Peinture par Numéros, we make it a point of honor to convey these values that are so dear to us. So don't hesitate any longer and share your works with the whole community of paint by numbers enthusiasts!