Personalised Paint by Numbers is a unique and original gift!

Tuesday, 27 November 2018  |  Admin

Personalised Paint by Numbers is a unique and original gift!

For many years, it was believed painting was reserved for true artists, those with an overflowing imagination and innate talent.

These theories are outdated and now we have Paint by Numbers which is accessible to everyone.

What are numbered paintings for adults?

The principle is very simple. A pattern or landscape is drawn on a canvas and divided into small numbered boxes that correspon^pd to a colour. Various pots of acrylic paint and brushes of different sizes accompany the canvas to help you create authentic and sublime works.

It’s the perfect experience for those who have artistic flair but don’t know how to express it for fear of doing something wrong! Lack of self-confidence shouldn’t be a limit to art, and thanks to numbered paintings, you may discover a real talent! There’s no obligation to strictly follow the colours indicated. Listen to your preferences and create a unique and personal work.

An even more personalized Paint by Numbers

To make your paintings even more personal, we’ve developed a system that allows you to turn your favourite photographs into Paint by Numbers! This is a rare and authentic gift and different from the usual clothes or flowers that are given out of habit. This is a personal present that will meet the expectations of you and your loved ones!

A memorable moment photographed during your vacation, a portrait of your children or your pet, anything is possible. For a detailed and authentic rendering, provide a high-quality photo which can be transformed into a true work of art. Once we’ve confirmed the quality of the photo is sufficient and payment has been made, we can create the foundation of your future masterpiece. Several sizes are available for a personalized numbered painting.

Once you’ve finished painting your personalized numbered canvas, you can proudly display your creation in your home and admire it every day.

A personalized gift shows others that you know them and want to make them happy. You’re also offering a present that will increase their skills, patience and concentration! Personalized Paint by Numbers only has advantages!

When should you give a personalised Paint by Numbers?

The year is filled with ideal moments to give a personalized Paint by Numbers canvas.

Why not think about a birthday gift for your niece who loves her Labrador and would be happy to paint it herself!

The holidays are also a good opportunity to give a personalized Paint by Numbers for your mum or dad. You can choose a photo of them enjoying their favourite activity, the family or a place they love! This helps them to come together and share a peaceful moment. This may even awaken a long-time passion and they’ll want to take painting lessons! There’s no age limit to start enjoying art.

You can also paint a sublime personalised Paint by Numbers and give it to your grandfather as a personal Christmas gift.

But don’t forget you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to please your loved ones, it's all about doing it whenever you feel like it!

Besides personalised paintings, Paint by Numbers has many benefits. The budding painter can develop attention to detail, precision and patience, as these are the main qualities necessary for this type of artwork.

For those who have never been able to paint, this is an opportunity to discover a new art form, and what better way to begin than by painting the face of a loved one, child or place that has great significance? We have many memories and being able to capture them on a canvas is an accomplishment in itself.

Works are completely unique and authentic when created from a photograph. It’s up to you to let your heart and desires speak when choosing colours, and some may seem more relevant or pleasing to the eye than others. The point of such a personal gift is that it lasts and is unlikely to fade or go out of style.

Over time, the painter will develop a meticulousness in their work and everyday life! Moments when you paint will be time to focus on yourself in peace and quiet and if you paint with others, it’s a genuine moment of sharing and exchange.