Painting by Numbers - Horse

Do you like horses? Do unicorns amaze you? Man's fascination with the horse and its legendary double is eternal. It is no coincidence that we already find in the prehistoric pictorial representations of horses, as on the walls of the cave of Lascaux. The list of prestigious painters who have been interested in horses is tremendous. Theodore Géricault is often referred to as "the painter of the horse", or the English thoroughbred paintings of George Stubbs, considered "the horse painter”. But figuratives, impressionists, the fauves and even cubists have always represented horses.Would you also like to try your hand at the harmonious curves of this graceful animal or the representation of a freeze frame of a frantic cavalcade? Our horse painting by numbers kits will be a great introduction to it!

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Galactic Unicorn
Galloping Horses on the Beach
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Ravensburger Creart - The Royal Horse
Ravensburger Creart - The Royal Horse


Whether you like realistic paintings, more expressionist representations, or fanciful evocations, you will find in our painting gallery of horse paint by numbers, the model that will make you proud to display in your home.If it is to offer as a gift, you will not only surprise the person, but will delight them at the same time. You may know creatives that are lovers of unicorn or horse inspired art, and you can allow them to further enrich their collection.If you choose this gift for a neophyte, the horse paint by numbers will be the most amazing surprise. This creative hobby has the prodigy of revealing artists who haven’t yet been awakened.


Painting horses is a delicate art because it is necessary to capture their majesty without freezing them, and it is difficult to grasp the expressions of the animal. For this, painting by numbers often reveals people to themselves. It teaches you to take a welcome break during which you practice patience and mastery, discovering the joys of serenity.Painting by numbers can be practiced alone or with others and is an excellent moment to preserve the communication that the now ubiquitous smartphones tend to disrupt. For example, if you have a child (or a teenager, because they are said to be the majority in this field!), who is passionate about horses, you have the perfect opportunity to spend time together by painting your canvas and sharing this moment of complicity.Do you prefer painting horses but your child, your friend, or your spouse prefers abstract art? Don’t worry, you will find in our gallery the canvas that suits everyone.


With just one click, you have all the included hardware. You don't need to rack your brain to find the paints you need, as they are part of your package. Our brushes are adapted to the paint by numbers format and if needed, just simply add them to your order.As for the frame, you can order it as an option for the 40x50cm and 40x60cm format. You also have the option to receive the canvas pre-mounted on a frame.All you have to do is choose the horse painting model that draws you in the most and you are ready to enjoy a great creative hobby!