Behind the scenes: How we make our paint by numbers kits!

Behind the scenes: How we make our paint by numbers kits!

From the choice of design to the packaging of the kit, all stages of production from our workshop in England!

We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our Paint By Numbers kits, but also on the transparency with which we share our creative process. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to discover the underside of the manufacturing of our kits, directly from our production site in Oxford.

Join us on this exclusive guided tour, where we lift the veil on each painstaking and artistic step that brings our paint kits to life. From initial design selection to final packaging, prepare to dive into a process where passion, precision and creativity come together to create an unforgettable painting experience.

1st step: Selection of Patterns by Our Creative Team

The Quest for Artistic Originality

At the heart of our creative process, everything starts with a crucial phase where the art takes shape before even reaching the canvas: the Selection of Patterns. Our creative team, made up of art and design enthusiasts, is engaged in a ceaseless quest for originality and artistic diversity. We collaborate closely with talented artists from around the world, seeking to capture the essence of creativity in its most diverse and inspiring forms.

A Global Artistic Collaboration

In our mission to bring you unique and captivating works, we travel the globe - virtually, of course - to discover exceptional artists. Whether they are recognized painters, talented illustrators or visionary photographers, our goal is to find works that stand out for their style, emotion and originality. This approach allows us to offer you designs that are not only beautiful, but that tell a story, evoke feelings and inspire the imagination.

A Constantly Renewed Collection

Through these collaborations, our collection of designs is constantly evolving, reflecting a range of themes and varied artistic styles. From calming landscapes to vibrant portraits, dynamic urban scenes and intriguing abstract compositions, each motif is selected for its potential to provide an enriching and enjoyable painting experience.

Commitment to Originality

By choosing our designs, we ensure that each Paint By Numbers kit is not only a pleasure to paint, but also an authentic and original piece of art. This is our way of ensuring that when you choose a kit from  you get a work of art that can't be found anywhere else - a true artistic treasure ready to come to life under your paintbrush.

The Creation of a Work: Design and Numbering

It all starts with an image or design, chosen in step 1, for its beauty or originality, which will be transformed into a paint by numbers format. Now it's a bit like solving a puzzle, but in reverse: using computer software, the image is broken down into different numbered sections, each representing a specific colour or shade. It’s precision work where every pixel counts! Imagine that each number is a promise of colour, a secret waiting to be revealed.

From Screen to Canvas

Once scanned and numbered, the image is ready to come to life on canvas. Lines and sections are clearly defined, each area is labelled with a number linked to a specific colour. It's a bit like giving everyone their own playground on the web. This step is crucial, because a good print means a smooth artistic journey for our budding painters.

The Symphony of Colors

Let's talk about colour! With a range of over 1400 shades, each pot of paint is carefully selected to match the original image. About 30 colours on average are typically chosen for each kit, stored in a foam tray designed for easy organisation. And to avoid any confusion, a sheet of numbered stickers accompanies each kit, ensuring a perfect match between the numbers on the canvas and the colours.

Canvas rolled up or mounted?

Depending on customer selection, the canvas can be either rolled up, accompanied by a reference photo, or mounted on a frame. For mounted canvases, a precise process is followed to align and secure the canvas to the frame. It's a bit like dressing a canvas for the big night! Each canvas is carefully prepared, ensuring perfect tension for the painting. On the contrary, for the rolled version, the canvas is simply rolled up on itself in order to simplify shipping as much as possible, while ensuring that it is not damaged during transport.

The Grand Finale: Packaging and Shipping

Before sealing the package, we check if brushes are included and add them to the kit. For rolled up canvases, a DIY frame can also be included. Other products, such as an LED magnifying glass or staplers, can complete the package. Once all the components are assembled, the box is sealed and ready to ship. With fast delivery, our customers can receive and experience the kits in just a few days!

Our Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Every step of the manufacturing of our Paint By Numbers kits in Oxford is imbued with our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. We are proud to offer you products that are not just creative tools, but truly enriching artistic experiences. Our collaboration with artists around the world and our painstaking attention to detail ensure that each kit you receive is a work of art in itself.

We don't just follow trends; we constantly strive to innovate and improve our products with and for you, our valued customers. Your satisfaction and creative experience are at the heart of our concerns, and we gratefully welcome your feedback to continue to evolve and perfect our offer.

Your Canvas Awaits You

So, are you ready to dive into a world of colour and creativity? Visit our catalogue to choose from a diverse range of designs and start your own artistic adventure with one of our Paint By Numbers kits.

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