Paint by numbers accessories

Paint by numbers accessories

Discover essential accessories for painting by numbers.

Whether you're an enthusiastic beginner or a seasoned artist, these tools will allow you to refine your technique, increase your precision, and maximise your comfort while you create. In this article, we'll highlight four essential paint by numbers accessories that every artist needs to add to their creative arsenal:

The stapling pliers are ideal for fixing your canvas to the frame, guaranteeing a clean and wrinkle-free work. The LED magnifier, on the other hand, improves precision by illuminating and magnifying the finer details of your canvas. The wooden stretcher frame, a must-have for any canvas artist, provides a stable, flawless surface to work on. Finally, a range of brushes in different sizes and shapes will allow you to explore various painting techniques, adding depth and texture to your artwork. Throughout this article, we'll detail how these tools can enrich your paint by numbers experience and help you create more accomplished and rewarding works of art.

The stapling pliers: your ally for a taut canvas

This is an essential accessory for any artist working with canvas. It is specifically designed to attach your paint by numbers canvas to a wooden frame. The importance of this tool lies in its ability to ensure even tension of the canvas, which greatly facilitates the painting process.

The advantages of stapling pliers

  • Stretched canvas: A well stretched canvas on its frame is essential for precise and clean work. The stapling pliers allow you to achieve that perfect tension to make your job easier.
  • Neat work: By evenly stapling the canvas to the stretcher frame, you eliminate creases and bumps that might otherwise affect the quality of your painting.
  • Sustainability: Using stapling pliers ensures that your canvas is securely attached and remains stable for the duration of your artwork.

How to use stapling pliers for painting by numbers?

Using stapling pliers to attach your canvas is a relatively simple process. You start by positioning your canvas on the frame, stretching it and holding it firmly with the clamp. Then you staple it in the centre of each side of the canvas and progress to the corners, alternating sides. This helps ensure even tension.

In short, the stapling pliers are a valuable tool that will facilitate your painting experience, providing a smooth and taut work surface.

The LED Magnifier: Unparalleled Clarity

Accuracy is one of the most important aspects in the world of paint by numbers. The fine details and careful placement of each brushstroke can be the difference between a good and an exceptional work of art. Here comes into play our second essential accessory: The LED magnifying glass.

A tool for perfect vision

The magnifying glass with LED light is the ideal accessory for those who aspire for precision. It not only offers magnification that makes details more accessible, but also a built-in LED light. This additional lighting is particularly useful for working in low light conditions, ensuring that you don't miss any details.

Improved precision and comfort

The LED magnifier can greatly improve the accuracy of your work. By enlarging numbers and details, it reduces eye strain and enables more precise work. Plus, the built-in LED light ensures that the colours of your canvas stay accurate to their true hue, no matter the lighting conditions.

Portable and convenient

LED magnifiers are lightweight and portable, which means you can take them with you anywhere. Whether you're painting at home, in an art studio, or on the go, this handy tool can always be close at hand.

The LED magnifier is undoubtedly an invaluable tool for anyone who is passionate about painting by numbers. It offers crisp, clear vision, increased precision, and the comfort of the built-in LED light makes every painting session an even more enjoyable experience.

The DIY Frame: A Support Worthy of Your Creations

Now let's move on to another crucial element in achieving a successful paint by numbers: The frame. This accessory may not be the most glamorous, but it is no less essential.

The role of the frame

The frame is what you stretch your canvas over to paint. It is a wooden frame on which your canvas is stretched and fixed, creating a flat and stable surface for your artwork. Without it, your canvas would remain limp and difficult to handle.

A professional look to your work

The DIY frame gives a professional look to your paint by numbers. It gives your artwork a solid frame, while adding depth and structure. Your canvas will not only be easier to paint, but it will also look better when exposed.

Easy assembly

One of the main advantages of a DIY frame is its ease of assembly. Our DIY frames come as a kit, with easy-to-follow instructions. This means that even if you have never assembled a frame before, you will be able to do it easily, quickly, and above all, without tools!

A size adapted to your needs

DIY frames come in a variety of sizes to fit any canvas. Whether you're working on a small piece or a large masterpiece, you'll find a frame to suit your needs. As a general rule, if you order your work with the frame that goes with it, we will supply you with the correct size by default.

Set of 3 brushes: Perfect trio for detailed work

In painting by numbers, the choice of brushes is crucial. A set of 3 brushes, in different sizes and shapes, is what you need to work with precision and finesse. Whether you're painting a large area or a small detail, the right brush will make all the difference.

The advantages of the set of 3 brushes

  • Versatility: Each brush in the set has a specific role. The flat brush is optimal for large spaces, while the round brush and the fine brush are ideal for details and contours. This allows you to make varied and complex works.
  • Control: Different sized brushes provide optimum control for painting tiny and intricate areas, ensuring precise results.
  • Quality: These high-quality brushes are designed to be tough and durable, ensuring smooth brush strokes and even paint application.

How do I best use the different brushes?

The use of the brushes depends on the area of ​​the canvas you are painting. Start by using the flat brush to paint large areas. Then, for details and smaller areas, use the thinner brushes. Attention to maintenance: It is recommended to clean the brushes after each colour to avoid mixing the colours. If you interrupt your work for a few days or a few hours, do not forget to rinse and clean your brushes well, do not let the paint dry on them!

Maximise Your Paint By Numbers Experience With These Must-Have Accessories

Throughout this article, we have explored the essential accessories to allow you to make the most of your moment of artistic relaxation. Whether it is to improve the comfort of your painting session, guarantee an excellent finish on your canvas or optimise your precision, these tools are the keys to your success.

The stapling pliers offer you a simple solution to stretch your canvas perfectly on the frame, thus guaranteeing a professional rendering to your work. The LED magnifier, on the other hand, allows you to work with great precision, while relieving your eyes.

The DIY frame is your best ally in giving your canvas a finished look and preparing it for display. Finally, the set of 3 brushes is the essential tool to express all your creativity, offering you the possibility of working on fine details, colour transitions and large surfaces with perfect control.

These accessories are the perfect complement to your Paint By Numbers kit, allowing you to push your passion for art even further. Do not hesitate to integrate them into your artistic practice, your experience will be even more pleasant and rewarding!