Painting by Numbers, a social and solidarity company

Painting by Numbers is a company that is aware of its corporate social responsibility. This is why we are involved in a number of societal and solidarity projects such as the promotion of youth employment, the development and fulfillment of young people and the maintenance of intergenerational social ties.


Employment plays an essential role in the development of young people and teaches them responsibility and the value of work. Painting by Numbers takes advantage of the richness of university students in the city of Oxford to promote the employment of young people through student and flexible contracts. Thus, the majority of our workforce is made up of international students. The family environment of our company provides a family to those who are far from their roots and develops their openness thanks to the multiculturalism of this new and large family. We like to think that our company participates in the human and professional development of young adults who take part in the Paint by Numbers adventure.

Youth employment, a priority.

Create intergenerational bond thanks to paint by numbers


Work with young people

Paint by numbers is a vehicle for art therapy, a method using the tools of artistic creation to improve a person's overall well-being, but also to develop motor skills, the ability to concentrate and reduce stress. All these virtues are particularly suitable for children. This is why we are working to get closer with leisure centers and creative leisure associations to develop the practice of painting by numbers with children and to introduce them into the world of art in a playful and fun way.

Acting with our elders

All the virtues listed above are also all indicated for the elderly. We work closely with nursing homes and retirement homes to develop the use of art therapy in these establishments through painting by numbers, in order to provide residents with a fun, soothing and creative activity whilst stimulating confidence in them and in their cognitive and motor skills. The practice of such an activity also encourages residents to stay active.


Art, as well as art therapy, are also excellent and increasingly recognized vectors of social integration. This is why our company is eagerly seeking to get closer to specialized establishments and social workers to set up workshops focused on painting by numbers.

Promote the social integration of people with pathologies and with disabilities

People who are emotionally or physically fragile often tend to be isolated and locked in on themselves. The practice of painting by numbers can be an effective way to restore their self-confidence and change the way society views them. Indeed, these people are defined more by their weaknesses than by their creative skills. The practice of painting by numbers is also a therapeutic means of appeasement for people suffering with anxiety, due to the concentration and repetition required for its completion. Painting by numbers can also be a way to break isolation by joining a community of enthusiasts who like to share views on the subject, especially on social networks.

Promote the social integration of people from disadvantaged backgrounds

Art and culture are difficult to access for part of the population. However, introducing these people to artistic practices allows them to realize both themselves as individuals and to discover themselves further, but also to develop sensitivity and knowledge of the world. Painting by numbers is a good introduction to art since it can make known the work of modern or emblematic artists in the history of painting but also to acquire these works at a lower cost. On the other hand, painting by numbers allow you to learn about the practice of painting while being guided, and to develop your artistic skills and your self-confidence with your work step by step.

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