The benefits of Paint by Numbers

The benefits of Paint by Numbers

Paint by Numbers, also known as numbered painting, is a creative hobby involving a pre-drawn sketch on a linen canvas, small pots of acrylic paint and brushes. The drawing is numbered and each number corresponds to a colour. Each pot of paint provided corresponds to the number drawn on the canvas. While many consider this form of art to be simplistic, it contains a multitude of benefits. Paint by Numbers is suitable for everyone and is not only enjoyable to practice, it can also help stimulate the senses and intellect.

Painting for beginners

Do you like painting or do you have difficulty enjoying it? For a beginner painter, Paint by Numbers can be your starting point. See your technique improve after each level. You’ll also gain more self-confidence and, most of all, you’ll better appreciate and develop a passion for art.

On the other hand, if the obstacle is a lack of tools, no problem! Our Paint by Numbers kits contain everything you need to paint at home. All you have to do is start!

What are the benefits of Paint by Numbers?

Artistic activities greatly help the development of a child’s brain. By introducing children to painting, you introduce them to new horizons full of colour and creativity. You help to stimulate their artistic flair and entertain them by doing something other than sitting in front of the TV.

Studies show that children learn many things through the colour and appearance of the objects they paint. Paint by Numbers helps your child learn different shapes and using numbers helps them learn to count in a fun way. Numbered painting can also offer therapeutic advantages. Children have difficulty controlling their movements when very young. Using a paintbrush guides their movements and directs the work they do. At the same time, they’re encouraged to handle small objects and learn to manage their space. Using the small tools in the kit provided improves children’s motor skills.

Paint by Numbers is as beneficial for older people as it is for children. Painting helps us forget our problems and focuses our attention on an activity. Paint by Numbers is very beneficial for adults looking for an outlet. The brain of an older person is just as sensitive to colours and shapes as children.

Paint by Numbers develops imagination. Go beyond the basics of the kit and customize your painting. You don’t have to follow the numbers to the letter! Express your taste by choosing your own colour or going beyond the forms and shapes already defined. Create a unique work that will motivate you to develop your painting skills.

Painting is a form of expression. Not only is it a way to express feelings but also ideas and beliefs. Paint by Numbers helps us to control our emotions, not minimize or repress them, and to express them in an artistic way. With Paint by Numbers, art is within everyone's reach. Play the role of a great painter and enjoy the forms and colours presented to you. There’s no need to worry about colour choice or to look everywhere to find the right tools. Just look at the numbers and enjoy painting.

Paint by Numbers has many psychological benefits. It helps develop intellectual skills and promotes concentration. It also helps to develop creativity and a sense of orderliness. Paint by Numbers is undeniably an ideal way to learn painting. It helps to develop motor skills in children and strengthen them in adults.

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