How it works

Have you always dreamed of learning to paint but never had the time, opportunity or courage to start? Paint by numbers is the perfect solution for you! Learn to paint while having fun.

Paint by numbers is an enjoyable activity that requires concentration and patience for great results.

Our paint by numbers kits contain everything you need (canvas, paintings, paintbrushes and palette) to make your next work of art.

Whatever your creative ambitions, paint by numbers will give you hours of relaxation, enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.

Feel free to send us photos of your creations to We’ll be happy to share them on our blog and social network sites.

Create paintings at home in 4 steps:

  1. Open your paint by numbers kit for adults
  2. Arrange your canvas, paints and paintbrushes. Fill a small glass with water and get ready to paint!
  3. Paint each numbered area with the corresponding paint
  4. Once your artwork is complete, hang it on your wall and decorate your home

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Have fun painting! ;)