9 good reasons to give paint by numbers to your loved ones

9 good reasons to give paint by numbers to your loved ones

The year is filled with dates that require you to look for the perfect present. Whether itís Christmas, birthdays or Mother's Day, Paint by Numbers can help make the task easier with a gift card! Give your loved ones a Paint by Numbers painting. Weíve made a list of all the reasons why you should you choose the gift of painting.

1 - Thereís no age limit to enjoy painting

Whether for a child, an adult or an elderly person, painting is an art appreciated by everyone. Let your children express their creativity and learn the basics of painting by using the numbered canvases. To help those who lack confidence, the lines are already drawn on the canvas and the numbers indicate the colours to use. Paint by Numbers helps you paint perfectly, and nobody will know you had help.

2 - Paint by numbers is accessible to everyone

Beginner and experienced painters will appreciate taking a brush, opening the pots of paint and creating a superb painting. At first it will look abstract, but the painting will gradually come to life over several hours. Good things come to those who wait.

3 -An amazing choice of themes

Take time to browse the site and discover the many themes on offer. Lovers of the master painters will enjoy reproducing the greatest masterpieces in the history of painting. Sublime landscapes or animals are available for nature lovers. Love and joy are feelings commonly depicted on the canvases, so you can send a message to the person who receives your gift!

4 - Paint by numbers helps children

Children are generally considered unable to sit still. A Paint by Numbers painting provides them with the opportunity to control their energy and channel it into something creative. With a little luck, you may even wake up a passion! And donít forget that painting is a great way for children to develop their motor skills.

5 -Creating a painting gives you a moment of relaxation

When you lead a busy life itís not always easy to find time for yourself. Painting is a great way to unwind and by giving this present to your loved one, you give them a double gift. Not only will they take pleasure in painting, but they can also relax in peace.

6 - Even with a numbered painting creativity is limitless

Just because numbers are provided to show you which colours to use, it doesnít mean you have to follow them! Youíll gradually gain confidence and play with new colours to create an original work. Paint by Numbers puts colour into the life of the painter. Pop-art paintings are particularly suitable for those who appreciate bright colours!

7 - Personalize your present

To make your gift as authentic and personal as possible, why not choose a photograph and ask Paint by Numbers to turn it into a canvas? Just choose a good quality photo and the site will do the rest! Your mom will be delighted to paint her grandchildren or pet! You can also choose the size of the canvas and add a small easel to your present to make the painting even more enjoyable.

8 - A gift card for those who canít decide!

If youíre still concerned youíll choose the wrong canvas, rest assured, we offer gift cards ranging from Ä10 to Ä100. You can print or email them to those who live far away on the big day!

The gift card is perfect if you know your loved one already has several canvases and you donít want to give them a duplicate. Making your friends and family happy has never been easier with Paint by Numbers.

9 - The monthly Painting by Numbers box: a gift that lasts over time

Thanks to the very first DIY painting by numbers box with a unique concept created in our workshops, your loved one will be able to enjoy regular painting by numbers practice while relaxing, relaxing and concentrating.