Deliveries & returns

  • Shipping policy

Delivery times and costs (except for the monthly boxes)

CountryShipping costProduction time
(working days)
Shipping time
UK Mainland, Islands and Northern Ireland£4.991-3 days1 day
Austria£6.901-3 days2-5 days
Belgium£5.901-3 days2-4 days
Bulgaria£6.901-3 days2-5 days
Croatia£5.901-3 days4-6 days
Cyprus£6.901-3 days2-5 days
Czech Republic£7.901-3 days2-5 days
Denmark£6.901-3 days2-4 days
Estonia£6.901-3 days2-5 days
Finland£7.901-3 days2-5 days
France£4.901-3 days2-4 days
Germany£5.901-3 days2-4 days
Greece£6.901-3 days2-5 days
Hungary£6.901-3 days2-5 days
Italy£5.901-3 days3-4 days
Latvia£6.901-3 days4-5 days
Lithuania£5.901-3 days2-5 days
Luxembourg£7.901-3 days2-4 days
Malta£6.901-3 days4-7 days
Monaco£7.901-3 days2-4 days
Netherlands£4.901-3 days2-4 days
Poland£4.901-3 days4 days
Portugal£4.901-3 days2-4 days
Republic of Ireland£5.91-3 days2-4 days
Romania£6.901-3 days4-6 days
Slovakia£6.901-3 days2-5 days
Slovenia£7.901-3 days4-6 days
Spain£4.901-3 days3-5 days
Sweden£4.901-3 days2-4 days
Switzerland£7.901-3 days2-5 days

FREE delivery for orders over £40

    Breakage: Please notify us by email of any damaged or broken items within 3 days of receipt at Please include your order number and clear photos of the damaged or broken item.

    Error: Please contact us if you’re missing an item or you’ve received the incorrect painting.

    • Returns policy

    If you change your mind, you have 14 days from the date of receipt to return items (except for the monthly boxes) with no questions asked (except for customized products).

    • Refund policy

    Returned items must be in original condition (unusued and in original packaging).

    Important: Customer satisfaction is our priority. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email: