Finished work: how to highlight and display your paint by numbers at home!

Finished work: how to highlight and display your paint by numbers at home!

That's it! You have finished your paint by numbers and you are super proud of the result! Now you wonder how to show it to the world (or at least your guests)? Do not look any further! We're going to give you all the tips for showcasing and displaying your paint by numbers masterpieces in your home. From the choice of the frame, to the lighting, to the layout of your wall, we’ll tell you everything to sublimate your creations.

Ready? Let's go!

Choosing the right frame for your paint by numbers

Let's start with the main aspect: The frame is a key element that showcases your paint by numbers. It is the frame that highlights your work and creates a visual link with the space where it is exhibited. Frames can be in different styles, from simple to more ornate, depending on how you want to look. It is important to choose a frame that goes with your painting, but also with the style of your interior decoration. Here are some suggestions:

To stay traditional, the natural wood frame: perfect for a scandi or boho decor, it warms up the look while remaining sober and elegant. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a minimalist style, but still elegant: opt for a simple black or white frame: ideal for accentuating the graphic effect of the image.

For a more chic or glamorous effect, you can adopt a gold or silver frame: particularly suitable if your work is sophisticated or if your decor is rather classic. You can also venture for more of a statement and opt for a coloured frame: in this case, you can either choose one of the main colours of your work, so that the frame and the work become one; or opt for a colour in complete contrast, dare the colour for an original effect!

Another option you can consider is to use one of our diy frames. Simpler and more raw, the DIY frame brings a touch of authenticity and a more artistic aspect to your work. Easy to assemble, this minimalist frame puts your painting in focus. In addition, its refined aesthetic adapts to all styles of interior decoration, from the most modern to the most traditional.

Position your work: where and how?

The location of your painting in a room is crucial for its appreciation. You need to take into account, among other things, the lighting, the colour of the walls and the general decoration of the room.

Here are some tips for positioning your artwork well:

  • Eye height: A basic rule for hanging is to position the centre of the work at eye level. This provides an optimal view of your painting.
  • Light coloured wall: The light-coloured walls highlight the works particularly well, providing a contrast that catches the eye.
  • Consistency with the decor: Make sure your painting blends harmoniously into your decor. It can for example take up a colour present in the room, or on the contrary bring a touch of contrast.

The right light for your canvas

Lighting plays a fundamental role in showcasing your paint by numbers. Good lighting emphasises details and reveals colours. It also helps create a mood around your artwork. The lighting of works of art is a very complex subject, there is even a trade that specialises in it! We've made it easy for you here by giving you three basic but effective choices:

  1. Natural lighting: Nothing beats natural light to appreciate a work. If possible, position your painting near a source of natural light (window, skylight, veranda, etc.), without exposing it to direct sunlight to avoid discoloration.
  2. Directional lighting, for example using a spotlight aimed at your canvas can create a beautiful art gallery effect. Make sure the light is soft and glare-free.
  3. Ambient lighting, more sought after, but also less obvious to succeed: A nearby table lamp or floor lamp can be used to highlight your paint by numbers, while creating a cosy atmosphere. Pay attention to the positioning, check the play of shadows with the other light sources in the room in order to avoid reflections or areas of darkness projected on the painting.

Combine your paint by numbers with other decorative elements

Your canvas can be enhanced by combining it with other decorative elements. Of course, the simplest is the shelf: hang one or more shelves near your painting. You can incorporate decorative objects, books, plants...

Also think of hanging objects like dream catchers, mobiles, garlands… use your imagination to bring a touch of lightness and movement next to your painting. Who says interior decoration can’t include plants! For example, a plant in height, hung on the wall or placed on a shelf, can create a nice contrast with your painting.

Experiment with wall colours

The colour of your wall can greatly influence the perception of your paint by numbers. A well-chosen colour can highlight your work of art. Two options are available to you:

  • Contrast: One coloured contrast wall can make your painting stand out. For example, a brightly coloured painting on a dark wall, or a black and white painting on a coloured wall.
  • Harmony: A wall colour that echoes a colour present in your paintwork can create visual harmony.

Paint by numbers as the centrepiece of a room

Instead of choosing where and how to display your painting based on the rest of the decor, be bold and organise your room around the canvas! A particularly striking paint by numbers can be used as a centrepiece in a room, setting the tone for the rest of the space. For example, a large frame in bright colours can be placed above a fireplace or a sofa, instantly catching the eye. Similarly, a nature-themed painting can set a calming mood for a bedroom or office. It is enough to ensure that the other decorative elements do not conflict with the work, but complement and support it.

Match the frames with the other decorative elements

The idea of matching the colour or style of your paint by numbers frame with the other decor items in the room can provide a cohesive look. For example, if you have furniture made of natural wood, a wooden frame of a similar shade will fit perfectly. Or, if your room is decorated in a modern style, a sleek metal frame might be the perfect choice. Attention: Matching does not necessarily mean being identical - it can be about finding colours, shapes and materials that complement each other and respect a style or an atmosphere.

Bonus for highlighting your magnificent paintings:

Keep the work clean and preserved

To ensure the longevity of your paint by numbers and that it always radiates as much in your home, it is crucial to keep it clean and well preserved. Here are some tips to achieve this:

  • Gentle cleansing: To clean your artwork, use a soft, dry cloth to remove dust. Never use harsh chemicals or detergents, as they may damage the paint.
  • Addition of a protective varnish: Once the paint is completely dry, applying a protective varnish can help preserve the vibrancy of the colours and protect the work against UV rays and dust.
  • Protect from the sun: Avoid hanging your paint by numbers directly in front of sunlight to prevent colour fading. If possible, choose a location that receives indirect natural light.
  • Avoid humidity: Damp rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, or poorly ventilated spaces may damage your artwork in the long term. Therefore, choose a place with a relatively stable humidity level.

Create a wall gallery

Why limit yourself to one painting when you can hang several? Creating a wall gallery with several paintings is an original and creative way to decorate a large wall. Here are some tips for successfully arranging your works, whether it is your collection of paintings made by yourself or whether you complete your gallery with purchased frames, gifts or even photographs:

Grouping several paint by numbers around the same theme can create an impressive visual effect. Whether you are a fan of natural landscapes, abstract art, animals or portraits, the choice of theme is endless and allows you to personalise your decor. This approach can lead to interesting conversations and may even reflect your personality or passions.

Think about the layout: Vary the sizes and formats of your paintings for a dynamic rendering. Do not hesitate to test several layouts before fixing your works to the wall. Don't forget to work on the spacing either: Even spacing between each painting gives a balanced rendering. In general, we recommend leaving about ten centimetres between each frame, but you can adapt according to the size and shape of your paintings, and the space available on the wall.

Finally, displaying your paint by numbers is not only a way to show off your artwork, but also a creative method to personalise your living space. Whether it's choosing the right frame, strategically positioning the canvas, lighting it correctly, or integrating it into a wall gallery, every detail matters. By exploring different colour combinations and themes, your paint by numbers can become a focal point of your home decor.

Most importantly, remember to take care of your artwork so that it stays as vibrant as the day you finished it. So feel free to experiment and let your creativity run free to give your paint by numbers the place it deserves in your home!