Paint by Numbers as Art Therapy

Paint by Numbers as Art Therapy

Itís not always easy to give your thoughts and emotions free rein or simply to control your body. The concept of art therapy came about in the 50s and was often, unjustifiably, considered a full treatment against certain diseases. It must be understood that art doesnít cure, but it can still be an important factor in healing or acquiring self-confidence.

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is a way of expressing emotions and feelings when words arenít enough to accurately describe them. Whether you choose to dance, sing, act or paint, the goal isnít to acquire knowledge or to become an accomplished professional. Art therapy enables you to focus on yourself and what youíre doing and, after a few hours, be in the present moment.

Art therapy is used to help people with speech problems, sing, improve motor skills and boost self-confidence. Art is a good way to give your desires and thoughts free rein while focusing on a theme. Itís necessary both to control your emotions and to free them according to your needs and the art chosen.

Practicing an enjoyable artistic activity causes our brain to release endorphins and to produce a small reserve, which can be used in moments of stress, doubt, fear and anxiety.

Even those who donít have an innate talent can practice art therapy, just as you donít need to know how to paint or sing perfectly. The goal is to convey emotion through the choice of colours, movement, facial expressions etc.

How is Paint by Numbers useful?

While painting therapy generally tends to be based on interpreting lines and colours to express an emotion or feeling, Paint by Numbers goes even further.

Paint by Numbers is simple and easy to use as the image is already drawn on the canvas. You can start by painting according to the numbers and, over time, gain confidence and let your ideas and desires take over.

Paint by Numbers therapy has many benefits. As well as increased self-confidence, it can significantly improve motor skills, the ability to control hand and arm movements and the entire body and help people with slight tremors. Itís also proven to increase concentration.

Paint by Numbers can increase your ability to focus attention on a specific activity. Lack of concentration can result in trouble following the thread of a conversation, difficulty listening to a teacher for a long time or even watching a movie without getting lost in your thoughts. Paint by Numbers helps you remain present and aware of your actions so you can avoid making mistakes.

Hyperactivity, or simply the inability to stand still for more than five minutes, can also be helped. Paint by Numbers requires attention and can calm the most active person!

Paint by Numbers can also help with emotional expression. Observe your choice of colours as it can represent your emotional state in a particular moment. This is especially noticeable when you resume painting a few days after starting. If you donít understand the colours previously chosen, maybe it's because you donít feel the desire to express the same thing.

Who can use Paint by Numbers as therapy?

There is no typical person who uses Paint by Numbers as therapy. If you suffer from severe psychological disorders, such as depression, anorexia, bulimia or acute motor disorders, itís best to create paintings while consulting with a professional who can support you. This can be an alternative to simply painting and it may be beneficial!

Life isnít always easy and it regularly puts us to the test. Divorce, children leaving home, pregnancy, bereavement, overwork or simply the need to be alone and express your feelings, all these life stages can be made easier with Paint by Numbers. Take time out for yourself a few days a week, set up your equipment in a comfortable place and let your wishes and emotions speak through art.

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