How to choose your painting by numbers

How to choose your painting by numbers

Need some inspiration to choose your next – or your first – painting by numbers design? Too many choices got you stumped?

Choosing a painting by numbers depends on lots of factors: budget, experience, tastes and preferences, time, whether it's for yourself or a gift...

And there are so many options! You can paint landscapes, scenes of everyday life, portraits, battle scenes, street scenes, animals, flowers, abstract works, or even a personalised work from one of your own photos or images.

Of course, you can just browse our catalogue of paintings by numbers and choose from the different categories. You can get inspired by looking at photographs, illustrations, paintings, artworks, or stories for ideas.

But you can also find ideas online through painting and art websites, blogs, and forums. And you can also enlist the help of friends or family to come up with an idea to paint. Or take inspiration from the works of the masters, and proudly reproduce them.

The importance of choosing the right painting by numbers

Choosing the right painting by numbers kit is important so that you're satisfied with the final result. You want to have a positive and satisfying experience. Don't choose a design that's too difficult for your skill level. And if you choose a painting that's too simple for you, you might get bored and lose interest in the project.

Pick a subject that you're passionate about. This will make the experience of painting much more enjoyable and memorable. You'll be more inclined to finish a painting if you have a personal connection to it, and you'll be so proud of the end result.

Choosing a painting that you can enjoy and be proud of can also give you a sense of personal growth and accomplishment. The experience of painting can be therapeutic, and it's a great way to express your creativity and individuality, and learn new skills and techniques. And the finished painting will serve as a reminder of the time and effort you put into creating it.

That's why we've made this small list to help guide your choice:

The 10 commandments to choose your next painting

  1. Choose a topic that appeals to you: One that you have a personal connection with. If you are passionate about animals, choose a painting by numbers kit that features a pet or a wild animal. If you love visiting the seaside, choose a painting of the beach. By choosing a subject that is important to you, you'll feel more motivated to finish your painting and you'll be all the more proud of the final result.
  2. Consider your skill level: Choose a canvas that matches your skill level. If you're a beginner, choose a kit with big spaces and less detail, as it will be easier to paint. If you have more experience, you can choose a model with smaller spaces and more detail, which will take meticulousness and help you improve your brush stroke.
  3. Choose a size that suits you: Think about the size of the painting you want to make, and choose one that is in your comfort zone. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, and allow you to fully enjoy your work.
  4. Think about colours: Think about the colour palette of the painting you want to make and choose one that you like. If you prefer bright and bold colours, choose a design with a vibrant colour palette. If you prefer more muted colours, choose a painting with a more neutral palette. The right colour palette can have a big impact on your enjoyment of painting, as well as the location you choose to display it.
  5. Think about the final purpose of painting: Are you going to give it as a present? Will you display it at home? In your living room or bedroom? Choose a painting that matches the size, style, and colour palette of the space you plan to display it in. Choosing a design that matches your personal taste and interior design will improve the overall look of the room.
  6. Think about the frame you will use to display your painting: A well-chosen frame can make a big difference in the appearance of your painting. Choose a frame that complements and highlights the painting. The material, colour and appearance of the frame can completely change the overall context of the canvas.
  7. Choose a painting that tells a story: Landscape, portrait, a modern work or a still life, each painting tells a story. Immerse yourself in it and imagine the story behind it. This can help bring the canvas to life and make it more meaningful to you.
  8. Choose a painting that makes you progress: Whether you are a beginner or an expert with a long painting career, opt for a canvas that will drive you to learn new techniques. Your use of colours, brushstrokes, shadows and light can all develop with each new painting.
  9. Think about your available time: Chosen a design that's the right size and complexity for the time you have. You don't want your painting experience to drag on – or to be over too quickly!
  10. Trust your instincts! In the end, trust your instincts and choose a painting that you are passionate about. It is by painting with passion that you'll get maximum pleasure from your painting by numbers experience. The painting you choose should make you happy and bring cheerfulness into your life, so choose one that resonates with you!

Two simple and original tips to find ideas for painting by numbers

  • The sketchbook: Take notes or scribble drawings of ideas that you find interesting. Let your imagination run wild and put it on paper. As you go through your notes and sketches, you'll have visuals in mind that you can look for in your next design.
  • Take photographs: Photograph the things you like – landscapes, plants, buildings, animals etc. and look for a design that showcases them. If you have a photo that you particularly like, you can even turn it into a painting by numbers by ordering a personalised kit.

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So, are you ready to make your choice?