Avoiding Boredom in Painting By Numbers: A Guide for Advanced Painters

Avoiding Boredom in Painting By Numbers: A Guide for Advanced Painters

Are you a master of Painting By Numbers and you are now looking to push your creative limits while maintaining the passion that drives you? 

In this article, we will explore fascinating ideas, advanced techniques, and plenty of creative tricks to keep you blossoming in your passion for Painting by Numbers. 

Whether you want to embark on more ambitious projects, organize a painting workshop or even exhibit your art, we have put together a heap of information to help you take the plunge. So, grab your brushes and get ready to dive into a world of endless colours and inspirations!

Explore different genres of painting

We will start with one of the aspects that may seem obvious or trivial to some: as a painting expert, you probably have your preferences in terms of subjects to paint, but have you ever thought about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something totally different? Here are some ideas:

  • Landscape paintings: If you have always painted portraits, modern paintings or still life’s, why not try painting a landscape?  Mountains, beaches and forests can offer an interesting challenge.
  • Replicas of famous works of art: Try to reproduce masterpieces by great painters. This is a great way to learn and understand the techniques used by these artists. With each of them immerse yourself in a new universe.
  • Abstract art:  Let your imagination take over and explore the world of abstraction: free yourself from models and rules, learn to master the canvas and colours in an imaginary world where there are no limits. 

"The important thing is not what you look at, but what you see."

Henry David Thoreau

Awaken your inner DIY enthusiast

Do not limit yourself to reproducing your kits while staying within the limits set by the numbered boxes, it's time to make room for your true artistic genius!

As an expert in painting on canvas, you can bring depth and texture to your works by incorporating other elements that are not included in your Paint by Numbers kits. Here are some options to consider:

  • Pencil: A pencil can be used to add fine details or to sketch design changes before painting.
  • Pastels: Use pastels to create soft, blurred effects, or to add bright pops of colour.

These are just two simple examples, it's up to you to decide your creativity! 

Discover advanced painting techniques

Improve your painting technique by learning new methods that can enrich your Paint by Numbers projects. Here are some advanced techniques to try:

The mix of colours

Learn how to mix colours to get unique hues. This is an invaluable skill that will allow you to add a personal touch to your paintings.


Layering colours can give your paintings extra depth and complexity. For example, you can overlay a transparent colour on top of an opaque colour to achieve a brightness effect.

Texture creation

With the help of techniques such as dry brushing, glazing or impasto, you can give texture to your paintings, giving them a three-dimensional look.

Go further with the creation of Custom Kits

Why settle for a pre-made template when you can create your own custom Paint by Numbers kit? It's a great way to bring your photos or your own artwork to life and turn your memories into masterpieces of painting.

Here are some ideas to help you turn your photos into a unique painting experience:

  1. Photo Montage: Instead of using a simple photo, why not create a montage from multiple images? For example, you can combine photos of different family members or pets.
  2. Get drawn: If you have an artist friend or are willing to pay for a portrait, why not turn that drawing into a Paint by Numbers kit?
  3. Photo editing: Use photo editing tools like Photoshop or apps on your smartphone to add effects to your images. For example, you can increase colour saturation for a more vibrant rendering or add a black and white filter for a classic style.

Once you have your image, simply upload it to our website to receive your personalized Paint by Numbers kit. There is no limit to your creativity, so let your imagination run wild and create a truly unique painting project!

Discover even more ways to stay involved in Paint by Numbers

The passion for art doesn't stop once you've completed a project. There are always new ways to explore and develop your hobby. Here are some additional suggestions to keep your creativity awake without getting bored:

Organize Painting by Numbers evenings

The social aspect of painting is often neglected because we are used to painting alone. Why not organize an evening of Painting by Numbers or join a group of amateur artists? It's a fun way to share your passion with others to learn new techniques and discover innovative ways to personalize your artwork.

Painting large canvases

Large canvases offer a new level of complexity and the opportunity to create a truly striking work of art. Think of an image that deserves to be enlarged and take your time to paint every detail. You can also opt for a triptych (a unique work composed of three different paintings that are exhibited side by side)  

Exhibit your art

Show your finished work creatively.Whether on the walls of your home, in a digital portfolio, or even at local art exhibitions. Each finished painting is an achievement to celebrate.

Resume old models

There is always fun to find old models and paint them again with a new choice of colours. It's like seeing a familiar landscape in a different light, offering a whole new perspective.

In conclusion, remember that your creativity is the only limit! 

Whether you choose to embark on new painting techniques, customize your own kits, host artist nights, or push boundaries with large canvases, there are endless ways to keep your passion for Painting by Numbers alive and never boring.

But above all, remember that sharing and open-mindedness are essential. By sharing your passion with others and staying open to new ideas and techniques, you will continue to grow and have fun. Painting by Numbers is more than just a hobby, it is a continuous exploration of your creativity, a personal and shared journey in the world of colours and shapes. 

So, keep painting, keep creating, and most importantly, keep having fun!