Discover painting by numbers, fashionable creative hobby

Discover painting by numbers, fashionable creative hobby

Paint by numbers, a fashionable creative hobby

Discover a new easy-to-do manual activity

Paint by numbers, also called numbered art, magic colouring or number colouring game is a creative hobby that consists of painting small numbered areas with the corresponding colour. The result is a painting on canvas made by hand with breathtaking realism.

The paint by numbers kits contain the support to be painted as well as the materials necessary for the completion of the canvas. Thus, the practice of paint by numbers offers everyone the opportunity to indulge in painting without any prerequisites or innate talent. The paintings of our partner artists are therefore easy to reproduce by letting yourself be guided by the numbers. Our creative paint by numbers kits come with materials and an instruction guide to make this quick and easy craft activity accessible to everyone.

A new activity with ancient origins

Paint by numbers was created in the 1950s by Dan Robbins. Seeking to give as many people as possible the opportunity to discover the benefits of painting, the artist thought of creating kits where each figure on the canvas would correspond to a colour, like Leonardo da Vinci who gave, in his time, numbered drawings to his students to train them and help them progress.

At the end of the Second World War, individuals were looking for hobbies and leisure activities of all kinds. Consequently, the creation of Dan Robbins was then a great success in the United States and became one of the favourite pastimes of a whole generation.In the 1950s, more than 20 million paint by numbers kits were sold each year in the United States.

However, the art world did not give a warm welcome to this new manual activity, as it was made possible for everyone to create breathtaking paintings.

Early paint by numbers kits were home-made, featuring only a few colours. These became more precise and complex with the rise of technology.


Modern society, overwhelmed by the rise of technology, induces unexpected behaviour: a tendency to return to basics and to the simple things in life. People are increasingly seeking to avoid the use of screens and new technologies, and are tending towards refocusing on themselves. Thus, it is possible to observe a strong comeback of manual activities such as paint by numbers which is no longer only reserved for children because of the many benefits it brings.

This phenomenon has increased all the more with the COVID-19 health crisis which has prompted people to take time for themselves by forcing them to stay at home.

Paint by numbers, a hobby for all ages

For young people

The practice of art in children is a rich source of development. Painting by numbers can turn out to be a real first contact for children with artistic practice.

Art stimulates creativity

Creativity is defined as the ability to think innovatively and connect two ideas in a new way. According to the International Child Art Foundation, “research shows that an art-informed child acquires a special ability to think creatively, be original, discover, innovate and create intellectual works”. These are essential skills for the success of individuals and the prosperity of society in the 21st century. »

Art stimulates synaptic connections

Depending on the artistic exercise chosen, all the senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste) can be stimulated. Children's synapses boil as soon as they experiment and create, and the practice of painting by numbers can be a very good first exercise to initiate this process.

Art strengthens fine motor skills

Grabbing a brush, drawing dots and lines, mixing colours, filling in boxes with precision… All of these actions help develop dexterity and coordination. Regular practice of artistic activities develops fine motor skills in children.

Art develops the ability to solve problems

The practice of art is a process of perpetual research and offers a wide range of possibilities and opportunities that push the artist to make decisions at every moment, to rethink them and to evaluate the result obtained. Children who practice art become accustomed to doubt and develop flexible thinking. These two elements are essential to be creative and have self-confidence.

Art helps children understand themselves and their world

Art is an outlet for emotions and helps children express what they can't put into words through shapes and colours. Therapists often use drawing when working with children in order to better understand them.

Art exploration encourages children to experiment safely. It is not a question of producing professional artists but of bringing children to gain self-confidence and to discover their creativity.

Art helps children interact with each other

Art is a universal language and creates a bridge between cultures and languages around a common passion. Thus, children are encouraged to reach out to others during friendly artistic workshops by sharing everyone's know-how and co-creating works of art!

In adults

Adults also have every interest in practising painting and art more generally because it is full of virtues and benefits.

Art stimulates creativity

When contemplating works of art, the individual gives free rein to their imagination in order to analyse it and understand its message. It stimulates the mind and strengthens intellect in order to have a greater capacity to appreciate reality.

Art also develops and stimulates the capacity to create and the possibilities of self-expression.

Art improves self-esteem

The practice of art develops the perception that the individual has of themself, both on the spiritual and mental level and on their ability to produce and achieve beauty. Thus, having a better knowledge of oneself and one's abilities helps to develop self-confidence and well-being.

Art develops sensitivity and reduces anxiety and stress

Art develops sensitivity in individuals by increasing emotional intelligence and empathy allowing to communicate with others in a closer and conscious way.The practice of art and especially that of painting by numbers helps to reduce anxiety and stress levels thanks to the distraction it brings and the concentration it requires.

Art improves memory and increases concentration

Practising art and painting, as well as contemplating a work of art, develops concentration throughout the creative process. This consultation acquired can then be put to good use during daily activities.

Memory is also stimulated by art since when we remember a work, we recreate in memory the various details of it as well as the panel of emotions felt during contemplation.

Among the elders

Art and paint by numbers are full of virtues for our elders.

Art stimulates cognitive and motor skills

The practice of art in residential establishments for dependent elderly people is an excellent exercise to keep cognitive abilities active and avoid their deterioration thanks to the concentration required for the process. The regular practice of painting by numbers also allows older people to maintain their motor skills as they continue to grasp and manipulate fine objects with precision.

Art restores confidence in one's abilities

Thanks to the maintenance of motor and cognitive abilities, the elderly can rediscover their abilities and become aware of them. This has the effect of restoring their self-esteem and preventing them from seeing themselves diminished.

Art allows you to express yourself

Just like children, older people can find it difficult to express themselves over time, even losing the ability to speak in some cases. Art is therefore an outlet allowing them to express their feelings as well as a means of communication with those around them.

Art occupies time

Practising art and paint by numbers is a great hobby to keep residents busy that they can do on their own. This allows them to keep their minds and bodies occupied in places where residents sometimes remain on their own even after treatment. These workshops can be carried out with several people, thus fighting against isolation by promoting exchanges.

Discover: free printable paint by numbers

Why download our free printable art issue?

Still not convinced by paint by numbers? Download our free paint by numbers to see a preview of what our kits look like. The numbered frame and the colour palette are available for download.

Where to find our paint by numbers to download?

Go to the free printable paint by numbers page and add the product to your cart. When finalizing the order, you can download the PDF file to your customer account.

How it works?

Print the PDF on the medium of your choice. Paint, markers, coloured pencils, pastels; you can fill in the boxes with the colour code indicated on the palette sheet or create your own colour palette from the technique you want. Experiment endlessly by printing the screen as much as you need and expand your creativity on this almost blank canvas!

You can create your own frame to print from the image of your choice thanks to our digital paintings by numbers. The frame and the colour palette will then be communicated to you by email.

Finally convinced? Browse our exclusive catalogue of paint by numbers kits of over 500 designs from our collaborations with international artists or create your own kit from your image with our custom paint by numbers kits!