Painting by Numbers - Sung Kim

Sung Kim is a Korean artist born in 1940. He began exhibiting  his artistic talents at an early age. He won his first art competitions in elementary school thanks to his heightened imagination and creativity. He decided to persevere in this path and make his passion for art his profession with an honours degree from Beorabol Art College in Seoul.

He opened his own studio and worked as an Illustrator for a number of magazines and children's books. Sung's artistic abilities were further recognised  when he won the Grand Prize in the art competition organised by the Ministry of Culture of South Korea and the Gold Medal in the art competition organised by the Mayor of Seoul.

After emigrating to the US in 1980, Sung worked for many art galleries and produced hundreds of paintings. His paintings were made into puzzles, posters, stationery items...

Sung loves to travel, especially to the Mediterranean, from where he draws inspiration for many of his paintings. These are in fact exhibited in many galleries around the world. His work is renowned for the quietness with which he manages to endow his pieces.