Painting by Numbers - Star Wars

Discover our exclusive category of Paint By Numbers Kits dedicated to the Star Wars universe, a new collection for all fans of the saga!

With kits featuring the iconic figures of R2D2 and Darth Vader, immerse yourself in a world of colour and adventure. These multi-coloured works are perfect for introducing novices to the art of paint by numbers while celebrating their favourite Star Wars characters. Ideal as a gift or to treat yourself to a moment of galactic creativity; May the Force be with your brush!

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Ravensburger Creart - Star Wars - Darth Vader
Ravensburger Creart - Star Wars R2D2

Ideal for all Star Wars fans and art lovers! Get ready to explore the galaxy of creativity with our new Star Wars Paint By Numbers category.

Discover, among other things, two must-have kits, featuring the legendary R2D2 and Darth Vader in vibrant, multi-colored versions. Here's the perfect opportunity to combine your passion for Star Wars with the fun of painting. Each kit is an open door to an artistic adventure, accessible to beginners and experienced painters alike, promising to capture the essence of your favourite characters.

Published by the famous Ravensburger brand, synonymous with quality and trust, have fun with these limited editions of R2D2 and Darth Vader.

Each kit, measuring 18 x 24 cm, is designed to immerse beginners and fans in an immersive painting experience. This is a unique opportunity to celebrate iconic Star Wars characters in an artistic and vibrant way. Don't miss this exclusive collection, perfectly suited to enrich your fan sanctuary or offer a memorable gift to a friend.