Painting by Numbers - James Lee

James Lee is a painter born in Korea. He attended the University of South Korea in Seoul for 6 years before moving to California in 1981 where he opened an art gallery. In 1994, he moved to Arizona and became a muralist and opened a second gallery called "Carol's Art Gallery" with his wife Carol Kim Lee.

From romantic turn-of-the-century trains to secluded houses in exquisite gardens, Lee invites the viewer to enter and discover his world. The way Lee captures nature in his works makes them pieces full of life. Some art critics have called him a contemporary realist. Lee uses oil paint as his primary medium.

James has made a name for himself in the art world, particularly in Los Angeles and the New York area where he exhibits many pieces in many exhibitions.

For over ten years, James  has run a successful art business where he sells his original works through the two galleries he owns. 

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