Painting by Numbers - Djiango

Djiango seeks to decompose the portrait to build emotion. Djiango uses his knowledge as an architect to build his new work in the same dynamic as an architectural project. We find in his work of research and experimentation, themes such as the layout of space, movement and different materials.An interplay of contrast is established between the shiny and matted spaces of his medium established using different techniques such as acrylic brushwork, knife work and the use of gold leaf. The accumulation of small vertical strokes of paint creates a dynamic rhythm and leaves the poetry of a decaying face.
"The multiplication of small elements create, together, an architecture"
The characteristics of aluminium make it a surprising and resistant material, which lasts over time, and also contributes to building an emotion by reflecting the light it receives and absorbing the atmosphere of the space it inhabits. The artist reverses roles and invites visitors to be observed through the reflection reflected by the metal.
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