Exhibition of your paintings

Are you proud of your achievement and the work accomplished? Do not hesitate to share, on this page and with our community, your finished Painting by Numbers! Aside from gaining recognition for your talent by your peers, you will also be able to benefit from an 8% discount code to use on your next purchase. So go ahead and share your masterpieces!
Based on 148 reviews

More serene than mona, excellent quality

Amazing! I will be buying more of these personalised canvases.

The picture came to life

I was very impressed with this company. My paint by numbers arrived very quickly and the end result is fantastic. After over 50 hours of painting, I am very happy with how it has turned out and it is a perfect gift!

Just finished my custom painting and was a joy to do x

Amazing pictures and great service

M T.

Awesome bit of kit

Love this!!

Stephen A.

Enormous fun to complete. Be patient and allow about 2 weeks. The colours are vivid.

Most enjoyable and a welcome challenge. The strong colours in the foreground stand out vibrantly.

My first pbn enjoyable and needed lots of concentration so perfect for switching off!
My Grandaughter (10) who loves Snow Leopards has got it in her room.

A lovely picture with vibrant colours.

Very relaxing

This was the 2nd one we bought for my Mum who loved completing this!

Mr L.P.

Quite hard with very small numbers but enjoyable and challenging

Came out looking a lot better than I expected!

First one really enjoyed painting this.

Marjorie W.

Very satisfied and it turned out well.

This is my first intermediate painting. Ordered in the previous color set. It required more attention with details but thanks to that it gives satisfaction at the final.

Enjoyed this very much!

Bought as a gift. Recipient was thrilled with it and has just sent me a photo of their completed lighthouse.

Gillian N.

Work in progress. Excellent composition and great fun to do.

Phil B.

Another satisfying result, although I changed colour number 9. The sky was far too purple. Maybe they sent the the wrong paint pot.

I really enjoyed taking time out to complete this. It took quite a while and there were tricky, intricate parts as some letters/numbers were difficult to read however, with good light it was possible to decipher them; my phone phone torch came in handy a few times. I used YouTube for advice about how to mount the canvas. I just needed 12 drawing pins to attach the canvas to the frame. The frame that came with the kit was very simple to assemble.

Really pleased with the finished result, great quality paint and plenty of it to be able to finish the picture. Have already ordered a second picture!