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Sofie Siegmann

Coming from a family of scientists, she is very interested in the dialogue between the natural sciences and the visual arts. The properties of everyday objects and the memories they contain are often the starting point of her work.

She is inspired by both the physical world we live in and the possibility of transforming people and spaces through art.

She began working in studio as a painter long before attending the Zurich University of Art and Design. It is her desire to express herself by pouring paint, mixing bright colors, scratching and peeling paint, letting images appear on canvas that is at the center of her ever-evolving artistic creation.

Her paintings are represented by the Galerie für Gegenwartskunst in Bonstetten / Switzerland, the SF MOMA Artists' Gallery in San Francisco, Kunstfokus in Zurich Switzerland. Since 2009, she has exhibited her paintings and sculptures every year at the Kunst Zurich (International Contemporary Art Fair).