Rudi Reichardt

As far back as Rudi can remember, he has always loved to draw and paint. The rugged and stormy landscape of the Black Forest, the exposure to the great European masters, but above all, the music of the Baroque have shaped his work and his life. In 1946, at the age of 17, Rudi began his professional work painting background sets at the Karlsruhe Opera House. Reichardt worked there until 1951 when he immigrated to Canada, where for the next twelve years he worked as an interior decorator during the day, painting murals, pictures and furniture for clients'homes. At night, immersing himself in the classical music he loved so much, he spent endless hours creating works of art, prints and posters of the southern Ontario countryside. Rudi Reichardt had the first public exhibition of his art, prints and posters in Toronto, Ontario, in 1954. The great transition to independent painting occurred when in 1964 his paintings were personally selected by Vincent Price, actor and well-known art expert, for the Vincent Price Fine Arts collection. This marked a turning point in the life of this artist and drew the attention of the art world to his work. Since then, Reichardt's career has flourished with countless solo exhibitions and an order for four consecutive annual calendars for the International Harvesters of Canada.