Mark Lague

Mark has gained an international reputation and won numerous awards, both in his homeland, Canada, and in the United States. Dedicated painter, Mark Lague was born in Lachine, Quebec, in 1964. He has been fascinated by drawing since his childhood, a skill he practices constantly, even to this day. After graduating in design from Concordia University in Montreal, Mark embarked on a 13-year career in the animation industry, working primarily as a background designer and artistic director. During this period, although he worked full time, he began to receive international acclaim for his watercolors through competitions, jury exhibitions and solo exhibitions. In 2000, Mark switched to oils as his primary medium, and in 2002 he became a full-time painter. What fascinates him in painting is his relentless quest for the simplification and the essence of what he paints. Mark has been featured in many national art magazines and continues to receive international recognition for his particular style of painting.