Lorraine Christie

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Lorraine Christie is a classically trained artist who prefers to say that she is self-taught as it has taken her years of life to develop her ever-evolving art. She has been a professional painter since 1990. Christie's main subjects are still life, floral pieces, figurative and genre paintings. Recently, however, her fascination with light drew her to the field of landscape painting, drawing inspiration from such masters as Cézanne and Singer-Sargent. She found new inspiration in landscapes, exploring and developing her own love of texture and color. She frequently travels in Provence and paints "in the open air". With her wonderful, vibrant colors and skillful use of light and shade, she recreates the vibe of the earth around her. Christie's success began in her native Ireland and has spread worldwide, with her work in numerous private and corporate collections in Europe, the United States, Japan and the Republic of South Africa.