Klaus Strubel

Born January 31, 1952 in Lampertheim, Germany, Klaus Strubel is an eloquent spokesperson for realism. In 1978 Klaus Strubel created his own gallery and studio in Germany, which he successfully ran for 18 years. Ready for a change, he moved to southwest Florida with his wife in 1997 to continue painting full time.

Klaus Strubel's creative work draws primarily on the 1970s which was a period of consolidation and growth in the arts often defined as a response to the prevailing tensions of the previous decade. Strubel is an artist who creates immersive art, taking the viewer in a place that releases the pressure. It captures a variety of subjects including classic cars, decorative architecture, horse carriages, and more. Strubel makes some normal scenes look quite exceptional, capturing different times of the day that offer the best in depth.

His creative works are rarely sold in the market and are sometimes auctioned off at very high prices.