Kelly Shan

Born on the Caribbean island of Nassau, Bahamas, Kelly grew up doing charcoal and pencil portraits. She admits having had to overcome her fear of colors, impressed by the abundance of colors in everything around her. Her first tools were popsicle sticks and matches for applying paint, and she used the white cardboard from the pantyhose packs as paper. Later, when she got her first brush, she discovered the pleasure of painting with watercolors.

Kelly's work is magical, poetic and realistic. Her watercolors, unique in their translucent layering of colors, are intricate and detailed creations that evoke the wonders, myths, rituals and daily struggles of her native Caribbean island. The presence of strong Caribbean women predominates in her work. For her, they represent the power of matriarchy in cultures like the one she is from and she tries to represent strength as well as beauty. The artist maintains a vibrant introspection and a deep sense of spirituality in his work.