Hautman Brothers

The Hautman Brothers have established themselves among the greatest animal artists in America. From their earliest childhood, what became their passions were transmitted to them by their parents. Indeed, their mother, an accomplished painter, passed on to them the love of the brush and the palette and they inherited from their father an unconditional love of the great outdoors and the desire to commit to the preservation of wildlife.

Their artistic careers were given new impetus with their unprecedented performances in the Federal Duck Stamp Competition. They have won the prestigious award a total of 13 times over the past 26 years with an unprecedented podium, taking first, second and third places in 2015. At last count, the three brothers saw their art featured on more than 50 state and federal stamps.

The Wild Duck Chase book and Million Dollar Duck documentary, broadcast on The Animal Planet, feature the Hautman Brothers and the unique world of competitive duck painting; the cornerstone of one of the most successful conservation programs in the world which generated almost $ 800 million for the conservation of wetland habitats.

The creations of the three brothers were presented to the President in the Oval Office and are part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. In 2003, the three Hautman Brothers were selected to design a series of endangered species stamps for the United Nations.