Fran Di Giacomo

Fran Di Giacomo, originally from Dallas, is passionate about classical realism and Dutch masters. She seeks to study with living masters, including Paul Leveille, David Leffel or Howard Terpning.

Her still lifes are highly prized for their lush colors and dramatic lighting. She pays special attention to light and constantly tries to perfect the mystery of light and shadow.

"The light in a client's house is constantly changing, which is why my paintings take on a different personality in every situation. In today's world, where everything goes very fast, our senses are constantly assaulted by noise, the vulgar, the grotesque. I want to create beautiful paintings that fill a room with grace and dignity ".

Fran was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1984 and ovarian cancer in 1998. While keeping her cancer a secret, she earned a national reputation. She continues to accept painting orders with deadlines that force her to work regardless of pain, fatigue or hospital stays.

The project of a book of his paintings becomes a book designed to help cancer patients find their own fairy tale in the way of art.

“Art is my passion, my sanity, my nirvana. When I sit at the easel, all the pain and questions in my life fly away as my mind burns with the painting in front of me. I live in two separate worlds. It is my paradox to have to balance a devastating disease with elegant and serene paintings. "