Amira Rahim

Amira first used art as a hobby for its therapeutic virtues in order to escape the pressures of the world around her. She chose to orient her career towards the law where she felt in love with sociology relegating painting to a hobby.

She realized that her talent as an artist was not being exploited when she saw the show The Art of Getting By and had the sense of urgency to have to quickly reach the status of artist . She began to paint daily, modeling her work after the works of her favorite painters such as Van Gogh or Picasso and came up against the limit of realism. She was unable to give it the desired expressive qualities .

That’s why she dabbled in abstract art to paint her emotions and her first such painting was a huge success. Amira's work is characterized by explosions of vibrant colors reflecting the artist's sparkling personality.

Since then, Amira has also become a painting teacher and art coach to help new talents follow her path.

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